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Sometimes the greatest opportunities come completely out of the blue.

The start of my music career was pretty interesting.


Call it fate…call it destiny…call it awesome. All I know is that God was looking out for me. I was casually working one day, when my boss got a call with a specific music production request…a hip hop track that was due in just 3 hours. Well, that just so happens to be my favorite genre, and the cue request just so happened to come from the NFL on CBS. I got the track done within 5 minutes of the deadline.

Fast forward to today. I have music on almost 150 TV shows. I’m fast approaching 800 episodes of playtime! Needless to say, they liked that track I made for the NFL. These gigs led to more open doors, and now I find myself pitching songs to major artists and joining production teams as well.

It’s an honor to be able to do what I love for a living, making great music for great people.

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